• Yelp and Tahoe Strippers

    South Lake Tahoe strippers
    So we have gone from one day receiving a "Best Of" award from Yelp headquarters for our shandout customer service and flawless reviews to the next day having the "Adult Entertainment" and "Striptease Dancers" catagory eliminated and our account bing closed!

    In some ways this is a blessing with all the "fly by night" agencies popping up that don't even posses a Business Liscence or pay their taxes and try to operate in this area. It always makes me chuckle when one of the Entertainers is let go for their drug use or maybe just because they are past their prime and its time for them to move on but instead, a new "agency" pops up catering to these less than desirables. BEWARE!

    Over that last almost decade entertaining Tahoe Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties we started from nothing and almost overnight became a household name in the town we service. This was backed up by over 60 flawless 5 star reviews on Yelp. More than anyone in our category. This help valuable as it proved to customers that we are true to our word and stand above the competition in both quality and service. The most common question asked - Will the girls that we pick in the pictures actually be the ones that show up? The answer is YES and this was validated by countless testimonials wich I have shared on the "About" page. We also put our money where our mouth is and offer a money back garuntee - ask one of the competition to do the same! Also, a big concern has alway been with providing a deposit as some Agencies have given the Industry such a tarnished name. Customers could be assured they were getting the service they expect by reading our dozens and dozens of reviews. Well, Yelp is now gone but that will not slow us down - you can still expect the same exceptional service and the hot, hot, hot girls that we have always represented. I urge you - do your homework and follow through with your research. Take a couple extra minutes to "Google Image" search the pictures and check to see if they are real people, you may be surprised! Also BEWARE of out of town Agencies. Call us now and we can give you a real time weather report of just how glamerous Tahoe is today right from out own office!
    Nov 06, 2018
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