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Female & Male Entertainers for Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties, Birthday Parties, and Ladies/Guys Night Out

  • 1 Girl = $200 (+tips)
  • 2 Girls = $400 (+tips)
  • 3 Girls = $600 (+tips) 
  • 1 -1.5 hour show (on average)
Shows are all nude. 

These prices are an industry standard of any reputable, local agency. Some of the "out of town Agencies" will attempt to undercut our rates, but beware! These companies have a bad habit of the girls not making it all the way to Tahoe and you also run the risk of the "bait and switch". 

Male strippers are also available for booking.
Book Local for Best Results!


The parties (on average) last an hour to an hour and a half.
The girls will stay as long as the tips last (the more you pay the longer they stay!) That being said, there is no real time limit to your Bachelor Party (providing everyone is following the rules, being respectful and participating in the festivities).

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The first 15- 20 minutes is dedicated to the Bachelor & Best Man (or other person of honor).
The Bachelor and Best Man get a free show - meaning, a free lap dance and a variety of naughty games demonstrated on them for free.
The party is then opened up for all others to participate in those lap dances and naughty games and that's how they make their tips.
Participating in lap dances and the naughty games is generally $20-$40 and will last the length of a song as you would expect in an actual
Strip Club. As the "grand finale" to the party, private dances with your favorite entertainer will be offered as well as the Girl / Girl Toy Show. 
The price for this is left for you to negotiate with your entertainer. They will often discuss a few different options with a variety of prices 
depending on the "naughtiness" to suite your taste.
REMEMBER - The better you tip = the better (and longer) the party!

*** The girls all have slightly different variations of the games but for the most part, the format of the show remains the same.
*** The $200 per girl is essentially the "cover charge to the strip club" divided amongst your guests.
*** If the rules are broken or the girls are disrespected in any way, the party will end abruptly with no refund, keep it classy!
*** We are NOT an Escort Agency and we do not say that to be "politically correct" DO NOT ASK. If the girls are propositioned in any way, the party will end abruptly with no refund so please DO NOT embarrass yourself.
*** We will hold up to our money back guarantee so that you can book with confidence but please understand that life does happen. If the girl you booked becomes unavailable we will give you ample time to explore other options and/or offer a refund.
*** A 50% (non-refundable) deposit is required to take the girls off the schedule. This can be done with a credit card over the phone, or we also accept Venmo and Paypal (can you link these please). The remaining 50% is due on arrival (plus tips of course).
*** For a Variety of reasons, we generally do not host parties of less than 4 guys. For parties of 4-8, one girl is suggested. Parties of 8-15, two girls is suggested and for parties of 15 or more we are happy to send 3-4 entertainers.
*** Generally speaking, we do not host co-ed parties. Have the ladies book one of our male entertainers for their Party!
*** It's all about keeping it classy and good, clean fun. DO NOT embarrass yourselves or your entertainers by asking for ANYTHING ILLEGAL.
*** Yes, prostitution is still illegal in Nevada outside of a licensed brothel and we do not condone this in any way, shape or form.
*** We are 100% Local and have been entertaining Lake Tahoe for over two decades. Let us create your memories!
lake Tahoe strip clubs

Strippers for Events, Occasions, and Parties in Tahoe

We certainly know how to liven up any party. Late-Nite Party Girls books the best strippers in Tahoe for all occasions! From birthdays and company events, to parties for the bride-and-groom to be, you can book male or female strippers in Tahoe for an entertaining show!

Why Book Adult Entertainment with Late-Nite Party Girls?

What truly makes us worthwhile is the convenience we offer. You don’t have to search for Lake Tahoe strip clubs to get the full-fledged experience of a guys' night out. We bring the strippers to you so you can enjoy a private show just for you and your friends.

To book our services, give us a call or send us a message online. Let us know how many South Lake Tahoe strippers you need. You can book up to three (3) male or female strippers at a time for a 1 to 1.5 hour show. And if you’re a good tipper, our party girls (or boys) will gladly stay longer.

The guest of honor automatically gets a free 15-20 minute show, including a lap dance and a naughty game of your choice. But if you want private dances with your favorite stripper, you can definitely buy a dance.

We only charge fees within the Lake Tahoe strip clubs price range. Forget paying for cover at a strip club and bring the strippers to you. It may be tempting to book cheap stripping services out of town. However, this often leaves residents victims of ‘bait and switch’ where they end up paying more than the agreed amount and not get the girls they booked. Late-Nite Party Girls guarantees professional services and no hidden charges. Book with us today!