• How can I tell if the "other agencies" Bait and Switch

    First off, what does "Bait and Switch" mean? It is very unfortunate but this is WAY too common in our industry. This is when an Agency has a bunch of pics of random girls (or guys) that they have collected and they don't actually represent a single one. They have a fleet of girls in different areas and they just send a random girl that might somewhat represent the girl in the pic. Most of the time these "agencies" have never even met the girls they send in person! They don't know if the girl has gained 10 pounds, lost 15 pounds, has a drug problem, ect, ect. We provide quality control.

    These agencies are banking on the fact that you won't turn the girl away because you would rather have "whoever" than no one at all. They are also banking on the fact that they have your Credit Card deposit and you will be too embarrassed to dispute the charges. This is obviously a very poor work ethic and something we take pride in NEVER doing and we stand behind this 100%. The girl in the pic that you choose is the girl that will arrive at your door or the party is FREE. Ask these other "agencies" for that sort of guarantee and see what their response is. If they make ANY excuse as to why they can't make this promise and we can, well - you decide.

    Several ways to see if someone is doing the "Bait and Switch"

    1) Do they have 20-30 single pics of entertainers?

    If so, they are most likely fakes. We do photo shoots with our entertainers and provide you with several shots. When we can, we incorporate Lake Tahoe in the background to ensure you our girls are local. We update the girls pics from time to time as well. Guys and Girls LOVE to do photo shoots and we provide the most recent pics available.

    2) DO NOT CALL out of area code numbers or 1-800 / 1-888 / 1-877 ect.....

    The ONLY legitimate local Tahoe Agencies have 530 area code phone numbers. Sure, these days most businesses can request a phone number in any area code but this will help weed out ALOT od the out-of-towners.

    3) Do a Google image search...

    Save the photo to your desktop and upload it to google image search. Sure this is tedious but in just one minute of work you may save your bachelor (ette) from a completely failed night. What are the search results, these will speak for themselves. These agencies spend hours scouring the web for pics of hot girls, B-list talent that you may not recognize and even celebrity pics to fool you into thinking these girls work for them....

    4) Does the Agency ask for your "top 3 choices" but not commit to any one in particular?

    If so - they are banking on the fact that they can get away with a look alike.

    5) Does this Agency have a Yelp page or other site available with public reviews?

    Of course not, they would not be in business if they had to rely on reviews - we take pride in this. We encourage everyone to write reviews either good or bad, and to date - after four year - we have nothing but flawless 5 star review across the board on our Yelp page and that is because we strive to be the best.

    6) What do I do if I get caught up in a "Bait and Switch"?

    Turn the girls (or guys) away and call us! Don't be afraid to call your Credit Card company and dispute the charges, they WILL have your back. We always have entertainers available on the fly and will accomodate you right away - DO NOT patronize bad business just because you feel you're in a pinch. This is your Bachelor or Bachelorettes last night and they deserve the BEST!

    Tahoe is a world class destination and shady people from all over have caught on to this and try to do business in our awesome little town. Keep it local. Keep it professional. There are only FOUR reputable, local companies in Lake Tahoe (including myself). The rest are out of town and you run the risk of the Bait and Switch or the girls (or guys) not showing at all. 

    Trust me.... I get over a dozen frantic phone calls EVERY WEEKEND from unfortunate people that got sucked into this trap and need me to clean up the mess. I also get calls from these "Agencies" themselves asking me to cover their shows because they can't. We are just here to make sure you party right and have the best experience possible....
    Nov 14, 2018
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