What is Late-Nite Party Girls?

We are an Adult Entertainment booking Agency providing Female strippers for Bachelor Parties and all other approved events. We have been in business since 2011 and otherwise have been providing Lake Tahoe and Reno with Concerts and Entertainment since 1997. Headed by "LateNiteBilly", former Associate Producer for GIRLS gone WILD, you can be assured you are in good hands. We are a 100% legal and legitimate business, registered with the City of South Lake Tahoe and maintain close ties with our local Police Department to ensure the safety of you and our Entertainers. WE ARE NOT AN ESCORT AGENCY.

What does the $200 per girl fee get us?

Basically you can consider this "the cover charge to the Strip Club" when you divide it amongst all the guests of the party. It gets the girl there for a full-nude show and she spoils your bachelor for free, meaning she gives him a lap dance and performs all the various party games she has to offer free of charge to your bachelor. After that she works the remainder of the party on tips and relies on the rest of the party to participate to keep the party flowing.

What are "Party Games"?

This is what sets our parties apart. Every girl had a variety of different games she likes from Body Shots, Whipped Cream Races, Slithering Oil Dances, Extreme Lap Dances, Chase the Bunny, Stuff the Bachelor and so on and so on... Each one is demonstrated on the Bachelor free of charge then the room is opened up for all others to participate. Most games are $20-$40 depending on how extreme. The girls rely on everyone participating in these games to keep the party flowing and make the party last as long as possible!

How long do they stay?

The fist part of the show - "spoiling the bachelor" lasts about 20 mins. We like to say that we obligate this girls for an hour but that is dependent on everyone participating in the activities. If people aren't tipping and participating, thing can get awkward quick. A girl can only dance around naked for so long and she is depending on participation to make her tips. That being said - a typical party will last an hour - if people are getting private dances and / or the Girl / Girl show at the end, a typical party can last up to an hour and a half. The girls are allowed to stay as long as they please as long as every one is following the rules and the money continues to flow.

How soon in advance should I reserve?

To get the exact girl(s) you desire, we recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks in advance. As we get closer to your weekend the girls do book up their full schedule quickly. We do however, always have girls available and we can accommodate almost all late minute bookings as well. The more you are able to plan ahead, the more we can assure you will get the exact girl(s) you wish for.

Are deposits refundable?

No. Once your reservation is made we take the girl(s) off the books and reserve them for your date and time. We charge your credit card for 1/2 of the show up fee, for instance if you book 2 girls, the party will cost $400 (plus tips). A non-refundable deposit of $200 will be required to make the reservation. Day of booking generally will not require a deposit but in some instances it may. Shows outside South Lake Tahoe may require a non-refundable deposit. We do offer discreet billing with only the initials of our company appearing on your statement. Further, to ensure your security we use Authorize.net for all our Credit Card processing and maintain PCI compliance.

What is "bait and switch" and how can we be assured we won't do this?

Some (most) of the out of town Agencies that claim to service Lake Tahoe do this. WE DO NOT and we stand by this by offering a 100% money back guarantee. If the girl we send a picture of is not the girl that arrives at your door, the party is on us. Here are a few ways to tell if others bait and switch. (1) They only offer one picture of the entertainer on their website. (2) They will not stand behind the money back promise as we do. (3) Do a google image search of the Entertainer. This will give you a pretty good idea of where the pictures came from. There are only a couple legitimate Agencies in Tahoe. If you see an out of town number or an 800 number - BEWARE. We use local photographers when ever possible and try to capture the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the pics to help you ensure these girls / guys are local and who we say they are.

Why book with a Local Agency?

Our girls / guys are 100% local and have no travel time in between parties. Out of town agencies will send their entertainers all over Northern California all in one night and 9 out of 10 times we will get the call to save the party because the girl / guy did not show. We help the local Lake Tahoe economy thrive and party right.

What are the rules?

The girls / guys all have their own rules and comfort zones. This will be explained first and foremost at the party and if the rules are broken (usually a warning is in order) but after that the party may be terminated upon the entertainers discretion. Generally speaking, as long as the girls / guys are being respected and the tips are flowing the parties will last a long time. If the guys are groping, being rough, putting their hands where the don't belong and / or being verbally disrespectful, not tipping, this is all grounds to terminate a party early. The #1 way for a party to end is to proposition an entertainer for sex or other illegal services. Save yourself the embarrassment.

Do they bring "Bodyguards or drivers"?

We recommend that all our entertainers are accompanied by what we call a "Booty Guard". This is up to the discretion of the individual entertainer. This persons role is simply to ensure the girls are getting to / from parties safely and efficiently, keeping an eye on their valuables and to make sure everyone is following the rules. This persons job is never to intervene, however they will contact Law Enforcement whenever necessary. This rarely happens. Lets face it, when one guy / girl gets out of line their friends are there to put them in check - no one wants to see the naked entertainer leave and the party get cut short.

Do the girls do "extra"?

NO. NEVER. NOT IN ANY WAY, SHAPE or FORM. Prostitution is illegal and we keep a close eye on everyone to ensure this is not taking place. Yes, it is even illegal in Nevada outside a licensed brothel. If we suspect that is your motive when booking a party, we will end the call. If a girl is propositioned, the party will end abruptly. Save you and your entertainer the embarrassment. We don't just say this to be politically correct WE MEAN IT. We are aware that local Law Enforcement conducts investigations to keep our pretty little town of Tahoe safe and clean for its visitors and we comply with every law 100%. DO NOT ASK.

What areas do you regularly service?

South Lake Tahoe, Meyers, Stateline, Kingsburry Grade, Zephyr Cove, Cave Rock and Glenbrook primarily. However the girls will travel to Tahoe City, Truckee, West Shore, Kings Beach, Incline Village, Carson City, Reno and sometimes further when their schedule permits.

What is the difference between booking your girls and going to a Strip Club?

First of all - we don't have a single strip club in Lake Tahoe. The City will not allow it for any reason. Trust me, it has been tried! Strip clubs are notorious for their high priced, watered down well drinks. Hundreds of entertainers running around hustling for money while you are lucky to get the attention of the one you like, let alone one at all. Some club don't serve alcohol. Some are just topless. We have everything covered. Full Nude show, you make your own drinks just how you like. You have the full attention of the entertainers you book in the comfort of your own place. No chance of a DUI and generally speaking (as long as its done respectfully) out entertainers provide a bit more "hands on" entertainment than the clubs allow - we turn your house, hotel or even your boat into your very own strip club right in front of your eyes.

What can you provide that other Agencies can not - what sets you apart from the competition?

We have deep rooted local ties with the community that the other Agencies don't. When you commit to our entertainers we can be your one stop shop for everything you need during your vacation to Lake Tahoe. We can introduce you to out Nightclub hosts and get you and your group line passes, discounted bottle service and VIP booths. We can provide limousine and party bus transportation. If you need ski / golf / fishing / hiking or boating charters we have you covered. Casino VIP hosts. Hotel and Vacation rental recommendation and sometimes special rates. Do you need personal security? Gourmet personal catered chef? Concerts, shows and more - we can help you out. We take pride in being able to provide the entire Lake Tahoe experience so why not take advantage! We have clients that we pick up from their private jets and accommodate their every need from start to finish. We facilitate College parties and everything in between. If we haven't seen it yet - that is what we look forward to catering to the most! We create moments and we want those memories to last a lifetime.