• Bachelor Party Strippers - [Dos and Don'ts]

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    Bachelor party strippers are the life of the party. Usually, the groomsman takes the helm of hiring Lake Tahoe strippers to mix things up a few nights before the wedding. But as much as this is an exciting idea, you should know some of the dos and don’ts when hiring and dealing with Tahoe strippers.

    A lot of companies may trick you so it’s important that you hire only the best South Lake Tahoe strippers from a reputable agency. But before you put your money on it, here are some of the things to keep in mind:


    1. Don't expect to find strip clubs in Lake Tahoe

    If you're planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Lake Tahoe, make sure to book strippers from Late-Nite Party Girls for your party. You won't find strip clubs in Lake Tahoe, but you can certainly still hire sexy adult entertainers. We book both female and male strippers to liven up your party. Don't wait on booking strippers, and give us a call today. Your night out may just turn into the best night in with our strippers who love giving lap dances and playing sexy games.

    2. Don't trust just any adult entertainment company

    Unfortunately, we see bait and switch companies a lot in this industry. Don't be fooled, other companies will get you to book with them based on pictures of strippers they advertise and then send a completely different person to your party. Top quality Tahoe strippers won't fool you with fake pictures and they will be pros at bringing excitement to your party. It's all about having fun at your bachelor or bachelorette party, don't let fake companies ruin it for you.

    3. Don't try to exchange money for sex

    Take note that prostitution is illegal. If you are to have sex with a stripper, the act should be consensual and that no money is involved. If you want to give her money, just send it in the form of tips and additional pay without enticing her to have sexual intercourse with you. If you proposition any of the strippers they will leave the party immediately.

    south lake Tahoe strippers


    1. Be polite

    Remember, you hired bachelor party strippers, not prostitutes. These girls are professionals. Always act like a gentleman and don’t take advantage of the moment unless you are permitted to do so. They are there to show your party a good time, so just have fun.

    2. Tip well

    If you want Tahoe's finest, be sure to tip well during their dances and games. They will stay and continue the party as long as the tips keep coming.

    3. Deal with a reputable agency

    Lastly, deal with reputable stripper providers only. This will save you from being ripped off. Freestyling on some clubs or websites you know nothing about is a dangerous move. It’s either you lose money or the company will fool you with fake pictures. You’ve been warned.

    Book your Lake Tahoe strippers through Late-Nite Party Girls. You'll get the actual strippers you want, and can trust that you'll get your money's worth.

    Bachelor party strippers add fun to your stag celebration. But as much as this is a fun event for the guys, always respect the talent that will be sent to your door.
    Dec 09, 2018
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